From the Pastor- May 2021

Wasn’t April an unusual month, at least when it came to the weather?  Cold days. Warm days. Rainy days. Even a touch of snow late in the month. We seemed to have experienced all four seasons in one 30 day period of time.

Fortunately we were told ahead of time to prepare for whatever the weather might be. Having help to prepare for the future is always a good thing. Anyone who has ever said that they can do it all without any help from someone else, is either a fool or uninformed.

During the Easter season we have been learning the ways that Jesus helps us become informed and helpful to the world.  Without the presence of Jesus there is little we can do. His example of love, and sharing it freely with people from diverse backgrounds, helps us consider how we are to freely use the gifts that God has given us. Suzann Schwenk’s article on page 15 is an excellent essay on how we can be part of God’s great cloud of witnesses of grace.

On May 23rd, the Day of Pentecost, two young ladies of the congregation will affirm their baptism with the Rite of Confirmation. Julia Brixius and Samantha Dandridge have been an important part of the Holy Spirit family since birth.  Over the past three years they have received help as they learned about Jesus, the Bible and our Lutheran faith tradition. We celebrate that they are now ready to use what they have learned as faithful daughters of God.

I hope you can celebrate with them on that day.  And celebrate the wonderful spirit of Christ that manifests itself in the Holy Spirit family.

The Day of Pentecost is the day when we at Holy Spirit gives thanks for the gift of the…Holy Spirit. We pray that the Spirit of God keeps us working faithfully in the vineyard of faith.

Clifton D. Eshbach,