When speaking of Stewardship, we often speak of gifts of time, talent and treasure.  Often people only think of the Stewardship “ask” as being done in the fall months during our annual campaign for pledges of offerings.  In reality, our “asks” can be found on a continuing basis when we speak about our gifts of time and talent.

Time for most of us is a precious commodity. Sharing some of that time to do the work of the church is most important.  Serving on a committee or Congregation Council, teaching Sunday School, being part of the prayer chain, participating in the choir or bell choir all require a center amount of time.  Your particular talents will help you choose where you can serve best. Each of these ministries help our congregation to carry out our mission “Sharing God’s love in Word and Deed.”

Being a visible presence in our neighborhood helps carry out this mission too.  Even people who don’t come through our doors on a Sunday morning know about Holy Spirit Lutheran Church through some of the activities and events that we sponsor.  Our drive-through Fasnacht sale each winter lets people know we are here.  Our annual yard sale invites the community to come shop, eat, socialize and get to know us. The four Pet Blessing events that were held reaches a new set of neighbors with a similar interest.  Vacation Bible School invites youth from our congregation and friends and neighbors to learn about Jesus. All these activities take much planning and organization.  We are blessed to have many volunteers willing to carry out these tasks. There is always room for more to assist.

Whatever way you choose to carry out your Stewardship, your generosity is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Time, talent and treasure are equally important as we share Jesus’ love in word and deed.

Suzann Schwenk

Stewardship Chairperson