We have been talking about generosity for the past several months so I felt the need to define exactly what this means. I checked Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary and found the following: “Generosity – liberality in spirit or act especially liberality in giving”; and “Generous – liberal in giving; marked by abundance or ample proportions.”

To relate these definitions to how we speak of stewardship, I went to another source, a manual for a stewardship program written by the Rev. Kurt R. Nordby that our committee has been using for the past several years.
Rev. Nordby states, “Generosity is not about the amount one gives, but what lies behind the gift, the love and grace of God. Our generosity comes from God’s own generosity. It is a celebration of God’s abundance which is gift wrapped in the love of Christ.

For Christians, generosity is initiated by God’s generosity. God’s grace is always the first note in the composition of life. Our giving and generosity is always in response to what God had done and is doing in our lives. Generosity is a heart brimming with joy and thanksgiving for what has been given along with the delight of sharing what we have first received.”

Thank you for your generous gifts of time, talent and treasure. Your continued support ensures that our ministry here at Holy Spirit will continue.
Suzann Schwenk
Stewardship Chairperson