From the Pastor

March 2019

There are many ways to transmit news. Especially today. When we speak to another person, our tone of voice and our facial expressions reveal as much as the content we are sharing. So it is with our expression of the good news of Jesus Christ. The good news, the essence of Christianity, remains the same, “Alleluia! Christ is risen!” And during the course of the year, we express this truth in different ways.

Such is the case with the season of Lent. While we may bury the “alleluia” for the season, we do not bury Jesus. Because Jesus is not dead. The fact that Jesus died and did not stay dead is the good news we are constantly called to share. Emmanuel, God with us, is a familiar call in Advent, Christmas and Epiphany. But it also has great relevance during Lent.

In Lent, the church calls attention to practices of sacrifice, fasting, unconditional giving and love. The liturgy is changed to give attention to these themes. In many ways the church, and its worship during Lent, reminds us of ourselves. Exposed. Bruised. Facing our mortality. And knowing that we are in need of facing these things honestly, our God understands and follows us on this journey.

In Lent, we may move from a major key to a minor key, but we still sing the same song. Christ is risen. He is risen indeed!

Clifton D. Eshbach,