From the Pastor

April 2019

In legal jargon, discovery is the pretrial disclosure of pertinent facts or documents by one or both parties to a legal action. Information relevant to the case is shared.

“…on the first day of the week, at early dawn…” begins the discovery process as the faithful women approach the tomb of Jesus. Their discovery, which then preached to the disciples, was the pertinent fact that Jesus is no longer dead, but alive.

This news was unprecedented. It had never happened before. But recognition of the glorious event took time to sink in. In John’s gospel Mary Magdalene does not recognize Jesus at first. In Luke’s gospel, the two men walking on the road to Emmaus do not recognize Jesus until after he breaks the bread. And back to John’s gospel, Thomas does not recognize Jesus until a week later.

Today, how will people recognize the risen Christ? Yes, we do meet Jesus in his body, the church. Yes, we do meet Jesus in the bread and wine of his meal, given and shed for us.

But there is another yes we must remember. Yes, the world meets Jesus through who we are. Through how we carry on his ministry of inclusion, justice and grace throughout the world.

We believe that the resurrection is not an historical event to be remembered, but a living word of hope to a world that needs the healing, strengthening touch of Jesus. You and I are the living answer to Mary Magdalene’s question, ‘Where have you taken him?”  In our love, witness and service we take the risen Christ far and wide.

It is a discovery to be shared.

He is risen indeed!


Clifton D. Eshbach,