From the Pastor- Dec/Jan

Dear Spirit-filled people,

The Christ who has come, the Christ who is coming, and the Christ who will come again is wise (Isaiah 9:6), asks fresh questions and invites us to reconsider our most cherished assumptions. 

Advent, Christmas and Epiphany are three seasons celebrating the coming and the revealing of Christ as our Ultimate Ruler. 

As we move from 2021 into 2022 and prepare for the transition from interim pastor to settled pastor, let’s prepare to share our faith in the One the Spirit is sending to us: 

1. When in the past did Jesus feel most alive and real to you?

2. Where are you seeing Jesus at work in your neighborhood in the present, giving you hope? 

3. How do you imagine we will treat one another and God’s good creation after the future Ultimate Arrival of Jesus? 

In the name of the One who is always coming into our lives, Jesus, +.

Pastor Tim