From the Pastor- September 2020

Do you remember Holy Spirit’s Mission statement?

Sharing Jesus’ love in word and deed!

As we enter the final one-third of the year, what great opportunities we have for living that statement. We continue to care for one another through, our calls, emails and now even a personal visit or two. We continue to care for one another by remaining alert and observant by using the safe practices of always wearing a mask and social distancing to keep everyone healthy. We continue to care by our monthly Drive-up food drop-off (see page 7).

We continue to care by completing our Rally Day kits we will send to Lutheran World Relief.

We continue to care by faithfully preparing and offering our pledge for 2021. 

God has plans for Holy Spirit.  Let’s continue to fulfill our mission statement as we give thanks for the varied gifts you bring to this ministry.  Let us give thanks to God for the opportunity to share those gifts.

Pastor Eshbach