Personal Care Kits and School Kits

Join us September 7th in the Spirit Center

Personal Care Kits and School Kits

On Sunday, September 7, 2014, Holy Spirit will be joining with other congregations across the country, for a very special day of service.  Our project is a familiar one to us: assembling Personal Care Kits and School Kits.  This year we are adding QUILTS to our contribution.  Our event will be fast and furious as we pack the School Kits and Health Kits in “assembly line” fashion.  All are invited to help or watch the excitement at this “intergenerational event” to be held in the Spirit Center.

We will be collecting items for the kits during the month of August.  Instead of one individual getting all of the materials needed for one kit we are asking that you simply buy one item in quantity.  Post-it notes are on the windows of the narthex with the item request and number needed of each item.  Take one or more of the post-it notes and go shopping.  Many school items are on sale right now!  Place the items you purchase in the collection baskets/boxes before September 7.

On September 7, in the Spirit Center after church, we will need all hands “on deck”!  Items for the assembly lines will be set up and ready to go immediately after church.  Each person is vital to the project, adults and kids can help pack school bags or towels with health kit items.

Light refreshments will be served! Come and be a part of an exciting experience of helping others!