Souper Bowl

Help fill the Giving Well in the narthex with soup for the Hempfield Area Food Pantry!

SOUPER BOWL comes to Holy Spirit in January this year!  Yes, the Social Ministry Team is at it again.  We want you to be a part of the Holy Spirit “Souper Bowl” team by helping fill the Giving Well in the narthex with soup.  CANS of soup, that is!  If everyone brings in one or two cans of soup, our Area Food Pantry will be equipped to give out soup to those in need.  So put on your helmet of salvation and your shoulder pads of righteousness (I’m sure that’s in the Bible…. in Ephesians?) and go to the grocery store.  Find the soup aisle and buy a couple of extra cans of soup!  Drop the cans (gently) into the Giving Well.  You may do a “touchdown” dance if you like!  Working together we can do a super job of feeding God’s family!