November Worship Assistants

Check out when it’s your turn. Thanks for being a part of Holy Spirit’s Ministry!


November 2013  Worship Assistants
Nov. 3 Nov. 10 Nov. 17 Nov. 24 Dec. 1
Acolytes Evan Widdall Jeff Reed John Schmitt Ed Smith Evan Widdall
Deacons Barb Eshbach            Pat Cauler Bryan Walton        Ed Smith Barb Eshbach     Doug Dandridge Hannah Lefever  Candy Steiner Marilyn Knaub     Sandy Stouffer
Lectors Suzann Schwenk Erin Himes Bonnie  Guirlando Walker Phillips Noelle Dandridge
Greeters Mary Ann Russell    Dee Mumma Glenn & Miriam Nauman Sue Large          Janet Wiegand Linda Schmitt    Ruth Rhoads Ruth Davis        Donna Null
Ushers Ray Brunner          Walker Phillips Don Eckert       Bob Slade Walt Hurst                 Pat Cauler John Schmitt      Deb Cibik Mike & Kathy Mast
Nursery Assistants Patti LaPorte          Andrew Knaub Linda Rogers   Shayla Calvetti Jan Wacker     Nancy Landis Patti LaPorte   Andrew Knaub
Altar Guild     :Set-up Barb Widdall Diana Thompson Wilma Houser   Mary Jane Lynch Candy Steiner Barb Widdall
                  :Clean-up Linda Sutcliffe       Shirley Bodish Nancy & Walt Hurst Bob & Linda Slade Candy Steiner Linda Sutcliffe  Shirley Bodish
Council Person Pat Winters Marilyn Knaub Nancy Landis Suzann Schwenk Patti LaPorte
Note: If you are unable to serve when you are scheduled please make an effort to find a substitute.  If you are able to find a substitute notify the Church office of  the change so that the bulletin can reflect the change  If you cannot find a substitute please contact one of the persons below. Thank you.
Sandy Rohrback  (Lectors & Deacons)
Sayre Turney  (Acolytes, Greeters, Ushers, Nursery Assistants & Altar Guild)
Bob Slade  (Ushers)