Rally Day

Sunday, September 10

Refreshments: after in the narthex!

Social Ministry invites you to help with SCHOOL KITS and HEALTH KITS for Lutheran World Relief.

You can participate by either making school kit, donating items for the health kits or helping to assemble kits on Sunday, Sept. 10, following worship, in the Fellowship Hall.

For the school kits: Pick up one of the cloth back packs in the narthex. Fill each back pack with the following School Kit items:

School Kits

· Pick up a back pack in the narthex

· 4-70 sheet notebooks, 8×10 1/2″ paper

· 1 ruler (cm on one side, inches on the other)

· 1 pencil sharpener

· 1 blunt scissors 

· 5 unsharpened #2 pencils, secure with a rubber band

· 5 ball point pens (NO GEL PENS)

· 1 box of crayons (16 or 24 crayons)

Drop off your finished school kit in the basket in the narthex.

Health Kits  we will set up an assembly line in the Fellowship Hall following worship Sept 10. EVERY ONE IS INVITED. Refreshments: after in the narthex.

Items needed of the Health Kits:

· 1 Bath Towel (20″x40″-“52×27”)

· 2 bath-size bars of soap in original wrapping

· 1 adult size toothbrush in original package

· 1 sturdy comb

· 1 metal nail clipper

Place all donated items in the basket in the narthex marked “Health Kits”.