Tanzania Auction

       Welcome back the Tanzanian Style Auction!  This event was brought to us by Pastor Cliff Eshbach and was a great success!  We hope you will all be excited about recreating this event this summer and come prepared with checkbook in hand.

       Proposed date is Sunday, July 17 following the worship service.  Details as to the where and how are still being worked out.  Chip Froehlich will be our auctioneer.  Stay tuned for more information.

What can you do now?  Start thinking about items you may wish to donate.  It could be home made crafted items, home baked goods, home grown items from your garden, services (mow lawn, rake leaves, etc.), and whatever you think someone would pay money for.  Remember, these should be quality items, no yard sale items or leftovers.  Be creative!  Our first donated auction item, if you remember, is a children’s Bible story book signed by Pastor Tim Seitz-Brown on his last Sunday with us. 

Please let Suzann Schwenk know if you will be donating and what we can expect.  Do not bring your items to the church until we give you more information.  Let’s have fun and make this event a huge success!

Suzann Schwenk

Stewardship Chairperson