From the Interim Pastor, August 2021

Dear brothers and sisters and siblings in the Spirit,

You might not know…the popular names for congregations in our synod are “Saint Paul” and “Trinity” and “Grace” and “Zion” or one of the names of the original twelve apostles, minus “poor old Judas.”

You might not know…there is only one “Holy Spirit Lutheran Church” in the Lower Susquehanna Synod.

You might not know… the mercy of God cannot be measured, because its height and width and length and breadth extends far beyond our imagination. (Ephesians 3)

You probably do know… the time of transition between when one settled pastor leaves and the next settled pastor comes can be a time of anxiety in a congregation. My hope is that I’ll remind you to relax, “God’s got this.”

And that’s where I get to be the preacher who “helicopters in”, the transitional pastor, who gets to ask these questions.

What makes God smile?

What does Christ desire?

Where is the Spirit leading?

You might not know… Human beings like to smile. They have desires. We live to keep the majority happy. That makes sense! And here, we use ask the God questions.

Pastor Tim