From the Interim Pastor- July 2021

Dear Spirit siblings,

What an honor to be called as the intentional interim pastor at Holy Spirit!

How humbling it is to walk with you after your saying farewell to a person in whom I see Christ at work in the world, Pastor Cliff Eshbach.

And what an unknown adventure and time of transition you enter into as a congregation.

What will the Holy Spirit teach us between the time of farewell and the hopeful welcome you will give to your next settled pastor? My role is to respect you—meaning to “see you again and again and again.”

Together we will joyfully respect Holy Spirit by looking at the congregation’s culture (what unique identity has Christ given you?), your partnerships (who has the Lord called you to work with in building up the Kin-dom of God?), your leadership (who is the Spirit calling forward for what comes next?), your future (where is Christ leading you?) and your mission (God is up to something with Holy Spirit so let’s listen together to find out what that is!).

In July, let’s plan to gather safely around a meal, one-on-one or in small groups, and begin listening to the Spirit together.

Here’s what I will tell you about me. I have dear friends all across Pennsylvania. I’ve lived in the USA, Jamaica and Tanzania. My wife and I have an exchange student daughter in Germany who is hoping to send her son to stay with us next year. I’ve been to Iraqi Kurdistan as part of the Christian Peacemaker Teams. And I was born in Washington D.C. and have been a lifelong fan of the sports teams in the city, and attended the Wild Card victory that launched the Nationals toward their 2019 championship. Finally, I’m young for my age and have stories and many memories, including Pastor Eshbach.

See you soon and look forward to getting to know you all, remain in One Peace until then, Christ’s,

Pastor Tim

Cell: 717-332-4216