From the Pastor

June/July 2019

My head was spinning the other day as I realized that 2019 is nearly halfway to being over. This edition of The Courier is our big summer double issue. Within these pages you will find details of the ministries Holy Spirit is prepared to lift anchor, raise the sail, and navigate the seas of witness and service.

I hope you are part of the journey. Whatever ministry you participate in, you are helping to spread the good news of Jesus Christ in so many directions. They key is the phrase “you participate.”

OK, you won’t be doing something every day to share the good news of Jesus. Or will you? By your care for your neighbor, you share the good news of Jesus. By sending a card to someone who is homebound or ill, you are sharing the good news of Jesus. By filling a shopping bag for a hungry person, you are sharing the good news of Jesus. In other words, every action of your day, is something which will show the world that you are a disciple of Jesus.

As we enter the season of summer, many of you will take some time to travel and/or rest. Wherever you travel, wherever you rest, remember that Jesus is with you and those whom you encounter along the journey.

Remember your Holy Spirit family during these months. Come to be nourished for witness and service. Come to serve Jesus in word and deed.


Clifton D. Eshbach,