Tanzania Trip

Uyole Lutheran Church

July 23, Marty Brunner and Pastor Eshbach visited our companions in Christ at Uyole Lutheran Church, in the Konde Diocese of southwest Tanzania. They are part of a five-person delegation from our synod.

In addition to our companion congregation, they visited the secondary school, hospital and Bible college that are owned and operated by the Lutheran church in this region.

The trip was designed to maintain and expand our connections with our companions in Tanzania. They have a vibrant community that shares Jesus’ love in word and deed too!

The pastor preached on both July 29 and August 5 at Lutheran congregations, one in the Konde Diocese and one in Dar es Salaam.

Pastor Eshbach  remained two additional days. During those two days he lead our synod’s delegation to the first ever national gathering of all the ELCA synods and Tanzanian dioceses who have companion relationships. This meeting was structured to also build relationships and discuss theological and program topics common to our two churches.

Look for a date in September when he and Marty will make a presentation during the Sunday School hour.