From the Pastor

November 2015

Dear Friends in Christ,

I’m writing this article just a day following our October special congregation meeting, where we made two decisions which will benefit us in the future.

The eventual removal of the former rental house will not just remove a maintenance liability. It will expand the recreational possibilities with addition green space on the property. It will also change the sight line for people driving west on Columbia Avenue, giving them a view of the church building first.

The second decision to replace the message sign becomes the second thing that will catch your eye. The title bar will have more color, the letters will be just a bit larger, and it will present a clean look to people seeking out a community of faith.

We cannot say enough how grateful we are that the Willis and Elsie Shenk Foundation has agreed to fund both of these projects. With this grant, the foundation continues the valued level of philanthropy that Willis and Elsie shared with Holy Spirit during their lives.

With these two decision behind us, we now focus on being able to provide for the daily operations of the congregation, through our 2016 spending plan, and our attention to our own dedicated giving to achieve that plan. As was mentioned in a letter in August, some difficult decisions must be made on both sides of the ledger in order to keep our momentum going forward. When you read the semi-annual report and look at projections for next year, they may not look promising. This is where opportunity is knocking! We have been given another opportunity to bind together as a community to share, and invite, and participate in all aspects of our life as a congregation, dedicated to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ “in word and deed.”

I am excited about our future. And forward is the way I am going to keep looking. We will be making decisions based not just on numbers, but also on faith. We must remember this as we move into 2016.

Clifton D. Eshbach