From the Pastor

August 2015

The except on our cover from Martin Luther’s treatise Concerning Christian Liberty highlights and reminds us that living a life according to Jesus (or as best we can replicate) is not a personal, solitary existence. Rather Luther appropriately reminds us that as Christ was called to serve, we too are called to serve each other, “…a Christian does not live in himself, but in Christ and in his neighbor…”

Luther was right on the mark with that statement. And I’m thinking of the truth of this statement particularly in terms of how the Holy Spirit community lives out that statement: first to the expression of the Gospel in the Lutheran tradition, and secondly how that same community provides for the ministries we have been called to participate in from year to year.

Times come when we must review how we contribute and participate in those ministries of this congregation. I’ve been thinking about this for myself, and I think it’s time all of us do so as well. I believe it comes down to some simple terms: Show Up and Step Up!

Show Up and Step Up means being present and active in the life of the congregation. Be present and involved at worship. Strive to grow through Christian education.  Increase how you contribute in both serving when asked and yes, in your weekly giving.  All of this is needed now in order to continue the ministry of Jesus from this place, and to further develop a congregational character that reflects how Luther envisioned Christian service and freedom.

Clifton D. Eshbach