From the Pastor


Welcome to our annual summer double issue covering the months of June and July. There is a lot to read in this edition. So please take the time to look at each article and schedule.

Every item in this newsletter helps us reflect on our life as a parish; how we worship, how we serve the world and how we serve each other.

At our recent congregation meeting I introduce five themes which will direct our ministry going forward from here. They are the concepts of:

Radical Hospitality

Passionate Worship

Risk Taking Mission

Extravagant Generosity

Intentional Faith Formation

Over the next year (and beyond) we will be exploring how we define these concepts at Holy Spirit and how we will apply them to our mission to share Jesus’ love in word and deed.

I think it is correct to say that if the church of the future wishes to have a future, it must embrace these themes with vigor and energy. Doing so will align us with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, making us a new, more open, more relevant house of faith to people who are seeking such a community from which to practice their faith and service.

I’m excited about what can arise from our efforts!