From the Pastor

April 2015

As I compose this note to you, the last accumulation of snow is departing the parking lot at Holy Spirit. Oh you can still see a few reminders of winter, especially the “March Surprise” storm of a few weeks ago. It won’t be long, perhaps even before this newsletter arrives in your mail, that the snow of this winter will have died.

Died? Yes. For some time it occupied a place in our lives. It limited our travel and connection with others. It kept other living things from prospering. But now that the snow has passed away, new growth is permitted and a new season will take root.

And the seasons go on.  We will soon be smelling flowers, planting gardens, and cutting grass. However in a few months they too will be dying. The seasons go on.

Unlike the flowers, the gardens, the grass, and even the snow, the love of God in Jesus Christ does not die. It never dies. The women returned from an empty tomb early on the first day of the week to announce that the promise of God has been fulfilled. Christ is risen they preached!

No matter the season of our lives, the love of God in Christ is present. Whatever the stress, whatever the issue, whatever the strife you may feel during the course of the year, this gospel truth of everlasting love of Jesus Christ never goes away.  As we gather for worship and service, let us remember this wonderful gift of God.

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!