From the Pastor

May 2014

Alleluia! Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!

All during the Easter season this is our call. This is our message to the world. Well, let’s be really true. This is our message to the world every day of our lives.

We have just come through the most important week of the year for Christians, where we heard the great story of our salvation.  With that story fresh in our ears, what shall we do to encourage other people, and each other, to lay aside the trappings and temptations of society so that the message of the risen Lord Jesus may be shared in word and deed?

This is our question as we  move into this time of the year. I could use this space and go on about our continued need to pray and study and be present at worship. And I could highlight how the ministries of the congregation need to be attended to by more people as we move into our future.

But that runs the risk of making the message about ourselves. If we learned anything from Holy Week, it is that the message is about what God is doing. We respond by giving thanks for what God is doing, and we show our thankfulness through the ministries God has called us to offer the world.

So let’s get started in making our offerings of word and deed, giving thanks in our worship, and giving thanks through our service. By these actions, our cry of “Alleluia Christ is risen,” will be more true.