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January 2014

The first day of the year is known by several titles. The most obvious, of course, is January first. The next most obvious is the name “New Years Day.” In the church, the first day of the year is also the 8th day of Christmas (Eight Maids a Milking – a reminder of the eight beatitudes). And it is also a festival known either as the Circumcision of Jesus or the Name of Jesus. It remembers the time when Mary and Joseph presented Jesus in the temple for circumcision and the declaration of his name. This event can be found in St. Luke 2: 21-38.

The naming of Jesus, while an established Jewish liturgical event, was also a public event. His name was spoken out loud by Mary and Joseph. In Luke’s account the man Simeon proclaimed that Jesus is the one who is a light for revelation to the Gentiles and for the glory of Israel. And the prophet Anna praised God, to all who were looking for the redemption of Jerusalem.

Now, in this new year, make it a point…resolve if you wish…for you also to speak the name of Jesus publicly. Make it a point to share how the name of Jesus helps you, speaks to you, saves you from the power of sin and death.  Make it a point to share the name of Jesus and how it is proclaimed and worshiped at Holy Spirit. Make it a point to share the name of Jesus through your witness, service and stewardship.

Let us all resolve to live, act and bear witness in the name of Jesus, sharing his love in word and deed. By this mission may this congregation be known to all who encounter it.




Adult Education Class

Check out the January Schedule.

Adult Education at Holy Spirit    Winter/Spring 2014*

(*Adult education happens after Sunday worship, about 10:45 a.m.)

Are you ready for new seasons filled with awesome times of learning?

The hits just keep on coming! Join in and welcome our special guests for adults forums, and some Bible study “twists” to keep us thinking. Join your Holy Spirit friends for good conversation, interesting topics and…coffee. There has to be coffee!


Epiphany Term

It’s a different topic each week. From the global church to our life right around the corner and from issues related to aging to how everyone can have fun at church camp.


January 5: Epiphany Blessing of the House

As we exit worship this day, we will stop by the front door as the pastor offers a traditional “Blessing of Our House” for the new year. Children will receive a craft to take home, and each household will receive a copy of the house blessing to use at their home. It’s a great way to begin the new year by asking God to bless the place we call home.


January 12: Lutherans of Ethiopia: A Holy and  Courageous Church

Lancaster County has a growing community of Lutherans from Ethiopia. Holy Spirit member Melese Anamo will share the story of the church in his native land and how it brings the gospel to people across the country.


 January 19: Our Companions in Christ in Tanzania

Pastor Eshbach will be describing the valuable connection God has provided with our brothers and sisters in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania. He will be joined by the Rev. John Mwasakilali from the Konde Diocese, who is currently studying at Gettysburg Seminary. You’ll see lots of photos of the church at work in Tanzania. And yes, there will be several photos of lions, and elephants and crocodiles, oh my!

 January 26: What a Relief For Lutheran World Relief!

Lutheran World Relief is known for its quilts and care kits. But there is much more! Visiting us this day is Mrs. Beth McKinley, Philanthropic Advisor for the Mid-Atlantic Region of LWR. She will be sharing with us about the mission of LWR beyond the distribution of the care kits. We will also learn about our new Holy Spirit quilting group and how we can help them.


Thursday Night Bible Study

The Thursday night dinner and Bible Study at the Apple Tree Restaurant begins the New Year on January 9th.

The Thursday night dinner and Bible Study at the Apple Tree Restaurant begins the New Year on January 9th. The title of the January class is “The First 500 Years”. From the start of the church as recorded in the Book of Acts, through years of persecution and acceptance, we will study the start and growth of Christianity and how we are the descendants of the evangelical witness of many years ago. Dinner is at 6:00 p.m. The study is at 7:00 p.m. and the Holy Eucharist is celebrated at 8:00 p.m.


Souper Bowl

Help fill the Giving Well in the narthex with soup for the Hempfield Area Food Pantry!

SOUPER BOWL comes to Holy Spirit in January this year!  Yes, the Social Ministry Team is at it again.  We want you to be a part of the Holy Spirit “Souper Bowl” team by helping fill the Giving Well in the narthex with soup.  CANS of soup, that is!  If everyone brings in one or two cans of soup, our Area Food Pantry will be equipped to give out soup to those in need.  So put on your helmet of salvation and your shoulder pads of righteousness (I’m sure that’s in the Bible…. in Ephesians?) and go to the grocery store.  Find the soup aisle and buy a couple of extra cans of soup!  Drop the cans (gently) into the Giving Well.  You may do a “touchdown” dance if you like!  Working together we can do a super job of feeding God’s family!


December Worship Assistant Schedule

The congregation is grateful for all those that share their talents in worship.

December 2013  Worship Assistants
Dec. 8 Dec. 15 Dec. 22 Dec.24  Early Dec. 24             Late Dec. 29
Acolytes Andrew Knaub Ed Smith John Schmitt Sayre Turney Acolyte:Jeff Reed  Torchbearers: Suzann Schwenk      Diana Eckert  Bible Bearer: Sayre Turney Charlie Schwenk
Deacons Chris Tourville    Charlie Schwenk Jim LaPorte         Patti LaPorte Sandy Rohrback  Pat Cauler Ed Smith      Andrew Knaub Bryan Walton      Barb Eshbach Doug Dandridge   Candy Steiner
Lectors Peg Jahnke Ruth Davis Walker Phillips Tim Brixius Sayre Turney Betty Emich
Greeters Glenn & Miriam Nauman Sue Large           Dee Mumma Harold & Norma Good Peg Jahnke   Ruth Davis Linda Schmitt     Joan Miller Janet Wiegand    Marilyn Knaub
Ushers Don Eckert                      Don Jahnke Bob Slade                     Russ Provonost Walt Hurst                    Ray Brunner Pat Cauler  Walker Phillips Bob Slade                       John Schmitt Don Eckert                    Deb Cibik
Nursery Assistants Linda Rogers Shayla Calvetti Jan Wacker     Joan Miller
Altar Guild     :Set-up Diana Thompson Wilma Houser   Mary Jane Lynch Candy Steiner Sayre Turney Sayre Turney Sayre Turney
                  :Clean-up Nancy & Walt Hurst Bob  & Linda Slade Candy & Dennis Steiner Sayre Turney Candy Steiner Sayre Turney
Council Person Marilyn Knaub Kristi Pronovost Bryan Walton Pat Winters
Note: If you are unable to serve when you are scheduled please make an effort to find a substitute.  If you are able to find a substitute notify the Church office of  the change so that the bulletin can reflect the change  If you cannot find a substitute please contact one of the persons below. Thank you.
Sandy Rohrback  (Lectors & Deacons)
Sayre Turney  (Acolytes, Greeters, Ushers, Nursery Assistants & Altar Guild)
Bob Slade  (Ushers)