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From the Pastor- October 2020

It wasn’t noticeable until I got into my truck and started for home on the evenings of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, September 9, 10 and 11.  While I was in the building I could not detect it. But when I went into my vehicle, oh my was it obvious! What was obvious was the smell of smoke on my clothes, and on my hair. Thank goodness that facemasks are now part of our everyday wardrobe. I know mine helped.

You have heard it said that it could have been worse. This is most certainly true. As the first two weeks went by I could also see the many areas that were not burned. Some areas had both water and smoke residue. But the smoke went everywhere. Even into some organ pipes. While some possessions were lost, so much remains.

The path to recovery, restoration, rebuilding and, yes reformation is getting clearer. It will take more weeks to do this. We’ll be moving things back and forth to make way for the cleaning and rebuilding crews. We must adjust to this for the time being. But like during this year of coronavirus, your congregation remains open. The daily work of parish ministry continues.

The first Sunday of October is an important one for us. It is our annual Pledge Sunday, when those of us coming to worship present our 2021 pledges. Thank you to those who have sent a pledge in the mail. In this time of restoration, it is an appropriate time to renew your pledge to Holy Spirit.

Clifton D. Eshbach,


Cleaning the narthex.

Lutheran Camping Corporation

Annual Quilt Auction is online!

This year the annual Quilt Auction of the Camping Corporation will be an on-line event from November 1-8. Go to their website and register to be a bidder. Later in October the items for bid will be posted and you can then bid on them for one entire week. The Quilt Auction benefits the camp’s endowment fund which helps offer scholarships for summer camp.

Drive-up FOOD Drop-off: October 10

Drive-Up FOOD Drop-Off

October 12, from 10 a.m. until noon. Just drive up to the front door of the church and place your donation onto the cart that will be located on the sidewalk. Simple!

Requested items:

· Cereal

· Spam

· Prune juice

· Chicken and beef broth

· Large peanut butter

· Large jelly

· 2 pound packages of rice

· Canned pears

· Instant oatmeal

· Boxed pasta

· Cream of celery soup

· Cream of chicken soup

         No glass items, please!

Thank you for your continued witness to assist the hungry of this community.

From the Pastor- September 2020

Do you remember Holy Spirit’s Mission statement?

Sharing Jesus’ love in word and deed!

As we enter the final one-third of the year, what great opportunities we have for living that statement. We continue to care for one another through, our calls, emails and now even a personal visit or two. We continue to care for one another by remaining alert and observant by using the safe practices of always wearing a mask and social distancing to keep everyone healthy. We continue to care by our monthly Drive-up food drop-off (see page 7).

We continue to care by completing our Rally Day kits we will send to Lutheran World Relief.

We continue to care by faithfully preparing and offering our pledge for 2021. 

God has plans for Holy Spirit.  Let’s continue to fulfill our mission statement as we give thanks for the varied gifts you bring to this ministry.  Let us give thanks to God for the opportunity to share those gifts.

Pastor Eshbach