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Interim Pastor

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ;

       I am writing you with good news.  The Bishops office has sent us a recommendation for an Interim Pastor. The Congregation Council has met with him and has agreed to accept the recommendation. Please welcome Interim Pastor, The Rev. Tim Seitz-Brown.

       Here is a little background about Pastor Tim.  He graduated from Thiel College with a B.A. in Biology and Environmental Studies.  After this he volunteered with the US Peace Corps for three years before obtaining his Master of Divinity degree from the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia.  Later in his ministry he spent time serving the Manow Lutheran Junior Seminary in the Konde Diocese of the ELCT as both Pastor and Bible Knowledge High School Teacher. Currently he is finishing up as Interim Pastor for Benders and St. Paul/Biglerville.

Pastor Tim will start with Holy Spirit on July 1st.  I look forward to having him with us as we transition into the call process.  I look forward to everyone meeting him.


Robert Slutter

Personal Care Products

During the month of June the Social Ministry Team is sponsoring a special “give” for the ladies of The Gatehouse!
You are invited to participate by donating personal care items.  Suggested items are shampoo, conditioner, shower caps, nail files, nail polish, toothpaste, toothbrushes, chap stick, brushes and combs, or any item you think a lady would need for personal self care.  There is a white basket to place your donations in and a poster with information about this special “give” located in the breezeway.  Thank you for participating in this event.


We have been talking about generosity for the past several months so I felt the need to define exactly what this means. I checked Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary and found the following: “Generosity – liberality in spirit or act especially liberality in giving”; and “Generous – liberal in giving; marked by abundance or ample proportions.”

To relate these definitions to how we speak of stewardship, I went to another source, a manual for a stewardship program written by the Rev. Kurt R. Nordby that our committee has been using for the past several years.
Rev. Nordby states, “Generosity is not about the amount one gives, but what lies behind the gift, the love and grace of God. Our generosity comes from God’s own generosity. It is a celebration of God’s abundance which is gift wrapped in the love of Christ.

For Christians, generosity is initiated by God’s generosity. God’s grace is always the first note in the composition of life. Our giving and generosity is always in response to what God had done and is doing in our lives. Generosity is a heart brimming with joy and thanksgiving for what has been given along with the delight of sharing what we have first received.”

Thank you for your generous gifts of time, talent and treasure. Your continued support ensures that our ministry here at Holy Spirit will continue.
Suzann Schwenk
Stewardship Chairperson

From the Pastor- May 2021

Wasn’t April an unusual month, at least when it came to the weather?  Cold days. Warm days. Rainy days. Even a touch of snow late in the month. We seemed to have experienced all four seasons in one 30 day period of time.

Fortunately we were told ahead of time to prepare for whatever the weather might be. Having help to prepare for the future is always a good thing. Anyone who has ever said that they can do it all without any help from someone else, is either a fool or uninformed.

During the Easter season we have been learning the ways that Jesus helps us become informed and helpful to the world.  Without the presence of Jesus there is little we can do. His example of love, and sharing it freely with people from diverse backgrounds, helps us consider how we are to freely use the gifts that God has given us. Suzann Schwenk’s article on page 15 is an excellent essay on how we can be part of God’s great cloud of witnesses of grace.

On May 23rd, the Day of Pentecost, two young ladies of the congregation will affirm their baptism with the Rite of Confirmation. Julia Brixius and Samantha Dandridge have been an important part of the Holy Spirit family since birth.  Over the past three years they have received help as they learned about Jesus, the Bible and our Lutheran faith tradition. We celebrate that they are now ready to use what they have learned as faithful daughters of God.

I hope you can celebrate with them on that day.  And celebrate the wonderful spirit of Christ that manifests itself in the Holy Spirit family.

The Day of Pentecost is the day when we at Holy Spirit gives thanks for the gift of the…Holy Spirit. We pray that the Spirit of God keeps us working faithfully in the vineyard of faith.

Clifton D. Eshbach,



         When speaking of Stewardship, we often speak of gifts of time, talent and treasure.  Often people only think of the Stewardship “ask” as being done in the fall months during our annual campaign for pledges of offerings.  In reality, our “asks” can be found on a continuing basis when we speak about our gifts of time and talent.

Time for most of us is a precious commodity. Sharing some of that time to do the work of the church is most important.  Serving on a committee or Congregation Council, teaching Sunday School, being part of the prayer chain, participating in the choir or bell choir all require a center amount of time.  Your particular talents will help you choose where you can serve best. Each of these ministries help our congregation to carry out our mission “Sharing God’s love in Word and Deed.”

Being a visible presence in our neighborhood helps carry out this mission too.  Even people who don’t come through our doors on a Sunday morning know about Holy Spirit Lutheran Church through some of the activities and events that we sponsor.  Our drive-through Fasnacht sale each winter lets people know we are here.  Our annual yard sale invites the community to come shop, eat, socialize and get to know us. The four Pet Blessing events that were held reaches a new set of neighbors with a similar interest.  Vacation Bible School invites youth from our congregation and friends and neighbors to learn about Jesus. All these activities take much planning and organization.  We are blessed to have many volunteers willing to carry out these tasks. There is always room for more to assist.

Whatever way you choose to carry out your Stewardship, your generosity is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Time, talent and treasure are equally important as we share Jesus’ love in word and deed.

Suzann Schwenk

Stewardship Chairperson